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All About Smith Memorial Playground and Playhouse!

Hidden in the heart of Philadelphia, Smith Memorial Playground and Playhouse is a destination of fun for kids of all ages! This iconic landmark has been a source of joy and wonder for generations, offering a unique space for children to explore, learn, and create unforgettable memories. The Smith Memorial Playground and Playhouse is FREE for all to enjoy. 

The History of Smith Memorial Playground and Playhouse

Founded in 1899 by Richard and Sarah Smith, the Smith Memorial Playground and Playhouse was established with a simple yet profound vision: to provide a safe and inclusive space for children of all backgrounds to play freely. Over the years, the playground has undergone numerous transformations, but its commitment to fostering creativity, imagination, and physical activity has remained unwavering.

What You Can Find at Smith Memorial Playground and Playhouse

Located on more than six acres, Smith Memorial Playground boasts a range of features designed for  children of all ages. The Giant Wooden Slide, a towering structure that has become an iconic symbol of the playground, captures the imagination of every child who climbs to the top! You will have so much fun riding down this giant slide in a potato sac! You will also find swings, a tot lot, and a variety of climbing structures all around the property! 

Inside the building is where you will find the Playhouse! There are multiple levels to this playhouse. On the bottom floor you will find a plethora of ride on toys to ride around the track and a play car wash that the kids can go through. You’ll also find a play septa bus that you can sit in and change the name of the route! Watch your kids pretend to drive the bus and socialize with some new friends! 

On the middle floor you will find arts and crafts stations! Some days there are programs for kids with guided crafts, but you can enjoy the supplies and color away during your visit. You can also find some books on this floor and cozy nooks to read in. 

The top floor is full of imaginative play areas! Lily’s favorite area was the kitchen: equipt with lots of pretend foods, a dining room table, and pots and pans to get your chef on. You can also find a dress up area and a dollhouse! 

Inclusivity and Accessibility

Smith Memorial Playground is committed to inclusivity, ensuring that every child, regardless of ability, can enjoy the magic of play. The playground’s design incorporates accessible features, and ongoing efforts are made to enhance inclusivity through partnerships and community engagement.

Events and Programs

Beyond its daily offerings, Smith Memorial Playground hosts a variety of events and programs throughout the year. From educational workshops to seasonal celebrations, the playground serves as a hub for community engagement. Families can participate in gardening programs, storytelling sessions, and even outdoor movie nights, fostering a sense of community and shared joy.

Preserving the Legacy

As a beloved institution with a rich history, Smith Memorial Playground has faced challenges over the years, including the need for maintenance and updates. However, dedicated efforts by the Smith Memorial Playground and Playhouse leadership, coupled with community support, have ensured the preservation of this cherished space for future generations.


Free Visiting Hours

  • Tuesday through Sunday
  • Playground 10am-4pm
  • Playhouse 10am-5pm

Who can visit Smith?

  • Children visiting Smith must be accompanied by an adult
  • Our Playground and Playhouse are designed for children age 12 and younger
  • No pets are allowed in the Playground or Playhouse, with the exception of service animals.


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