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Sushi Suite – A Date Night Worth the Babysitter

For those of you who don’t know this, most sitters charge $20 minimum per hour, meaning sometimes the babysitter is more than the date itself! Are you looking for a date night worth the cost of the babysitter? Look no further than Sushi Suite, located in the Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia(1832 Frankford Avenue). 

The Sushi Suite is an Omakase-style restaurant serving up specially created sushi! This The venue’s intimate 8-seat sushi counter is located in the back of Izakaya. It features some of the best sushi chefs in America, including Head Philly Chef Mitsutaka Harada, who has previously worked at Morimoto and Zama! 

Let’s talk about the experience you get at the Sushi Suite: 

The Vibe

Sushi Suites ambiance is flirty, elegant, and cozy, making this an ideal date-night spot! The lighting is dim, and the cocktails are flirty and fun, and the 8-seat sushi counter is perfect for mingling. During the experience, expect to see blow torches and more, you will be amazed and entertained! 

The Food

At the Sushi Suite, you will enjoy a 17-course omakase experience for 90 minutes! You will watch the chef prepare each dish while telling you all about what you are about to enjoy, and let me tell you, you will ENJOY! I really still can’t get over the flavor combinations Chef Mitsutaka Harada created for us, I wanted the experience to never end! (can I just teleport back in time?) 

The Drinks

The Sushu Suite has its own bar and mixologist right on site where you can watch your cocktails come to life. You can choose from a fun cocktail or a sake flight – both are wonderful options. BUT, my favorite part was enjoying SAKE TIME with the chefs – I wont give away too much here and let you find out what this is for yourself. 

Ready to give them a try? Take a look at their website here:

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